Friday, June 26, 2009

28 Faces Of The Beloved Rings By Fareed Abdal

When you look at a Fareed Abdal composition it resonates at different levels. You enter a 2-D realm that redefines, and deconstructs simultaneously the letter forms we have come to recognize as familiar. Through his deep experiences with Martial Arts and several key masters, combined with his love for the form of letters since Fareed was a little boy, his design and architectural endeavors professionally and academically all combined to flow through the ink on his oriental brushes and onto the surfaces of paper.
In this vein, Fareed wanted to take the forms and create a new interpretation. By wrapping the actual letters around fingers in the shape of rings through a sculptural form. As he explains, through how the letters in Arabic are categorized and in his belief, the letters in themselves release and have specific power and energy fields. In a fresh and arresting manner, as you see the 28 Faces Of The Beloved, you would like to try and sample all the rings and see how they unfold each in it's own way and specific relation to the shape of the hand and fingers of the wearer. The limited edition series are available by order at our shop. Each ring, made here locally in Kuwait will come with a write up by the artist and beautifully boxed. Available in sterling silver and gold by special order. Please contact us at or for additional information.

The stunning photographs that highlight the rich subtlety of the collection was captured by local photographer Nawaf Alali.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Planting the "SEEDS" of quality

Over the past few years, over lunches, working, walking, traveling and building our little business, one of the main issues that surfaces in our conversations and at times passionate debates at every level is the selection process of quality beads. To my own surprise, the topic comes up more and more frequently. As we own a business that at the end of the day aims to be viable and profitable, we are faced with the collective consciousness that has proliferated that "cheaper is better".
It is reduced to the smallest measurement in our field and that is the minute seed bead that is used for weaving, textiles embroidery and embellishment. Both Bettina and I have worked very closely with all types of qualities and ranges. After painstaking research, sampling and testing the simple equation that when you start with quality at the microscopic level, your chances as an artist, designer and craftsman to make something worthwhile increases dramatically. In the sea of sameness, this in itself will be a more visible differentiating feature.
It may take a longer time to catch on, but if I put myself in the shoes of a designer or craftsman I would want to work with the best materials. So, what we bring into the store for our valued customers and friends is what we would want for ourselves. Great product at a fair rate. In our own objects that we create that is our philosophy and part of what we want our visitors and clients to experience time and time again. A return back to quality that we seek in the people who create something that appears as insignificant as a seed.
The images above are an ideal example. Aside from the technique and the concept, it is the inherent quality of the materials and in particular the seed beads used that enables the object to move to another level. The seed beads used here are considered premium quality from both Japan and the Czech Republic. The stones in the beaded collar were selected and cut by none other than world renowned lapidary artist Gary Wilson. In the case of the Embroidered Cuff; the seed beads are also from the most talented producers , both in Japan and the Czech Republic. The moon cabochon is made by artisans who specialize in this range.