Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dancing Crystals Choker- Class Saturday March 13

Part of Lubna's Signature Series, the Dancing Choker came about during a two week bed ridden bout with the flu back in 2005. I've always been fascinated by insects, cobwebs and cocoons and how these insects and their structures drape and yet are resilient and withstand a lot. So, when I began to play with the Soft Flex Beading Wire, structures that felt like sprouting tentacles and cobwebs that had a cascading effect emerged.
This is a modification and elaboration of the original design and is a show stopper. It is definitely a dramatic piece to be worn with a strapless dress or a square cut as the draping of the crystals dancing takes place all the way around the neck and in the back. Beaders will be introduced to the luscious and verdant colors series from Soft Flex called Trios and will be creating a rich patterning with our Bohemian crystals in sizes ranging from 3mm-6mm bicones. The draping pattern will be suspended from a peyote base of bugle beads.

The class will begin this Saturday March 13 at 9:00 AM and end at 1:30 PM and will be at our location in Jabriya. For more information on materials, tools and cost fees send us an email at or call us at 5555-7745 or 6676-7608. The class will be lead by Lubna and supported by Bettina; the dynamic beading duo at your service.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where Are We?

Our little shop is easier to find with Google Earth's wonderful aerial images. We are so easy to get to as we are situated between 2 major roads in Kuwait- Fahaheel Expressway (30) and the Arabian Gulf Road. Easy in, easy out.

LB o J'zazz Shop address is:
Shaab El-Bahry
Block 8
Ibn Al-Khatib Street
Shop 4

Landmark buildings around us are Flex Gymnasium for Men (high-rise) and British Institute for Training and Education.

Our shop opening hours are :
Sunday - Thursday
9:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

(NOTE: If a class is scheduled on a Saturday, the store is closed as we are busy elsewhere having fun teaching :) The Pro's of owning your own work life!)

Do feel free to pop-in to take a look around. We would be happy to greet and meet you.

Until then,

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Desert Rose Bracelet Class Moved to March 6th

In the absolute moment that a question was asked, “Is there anything the inspires you while your designing a piece”? My immediate reply did not give justice to the moments I experienced last week in the Kuwaiti desert. Like a little child, I rushed around the desert marveling at strangers I was meeting for the first time in my life! Flowering shrubs and cacti stood proudly and exerted their new presence throughout the Northern desert.

Life had returned to the desert with fragrant purple flowers and masterfully and heavenly created succulents/ cacti breaking through the earth reaching to the sky, relishing the sun. Thanks to the unusually heavy rainfall this season, our desert is turning into a garden. In tribute to the new life given to those fascinating desert “acquaintances” I have encountered, I dedicate the “Desert Rose”.

With shear joy and in awe of my new “friendships”, the Desert Rose Bracelet has been developed and designed using an intricate yet simple technique called the Cross-weave. Several varieties of color palettes will be offered in our up-coming class. Please do join both myself and Lubna for this rewarding class.
You may contact us for more details on or place a comment below.

Monday, March 1, 2010

March Edition Bazaar Magazine Feature

Bettina and I were visited by two young and energetic Bazaar staff a few weeks ago at our shop in Shaab el Bahry. Here is the feature on the Bazaar website and you can pick up a copy of Bazaar Magazine throughout cafes in Kuwait.