Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Upcoming Beading Classes beginning July 31-August 14

At our first Meet and Bead event this past Friday we shared our upcoming classes and here is the schedule for the next two weeks.  As promised, you will have two beading classes that are project based per week.  Tuesday classes will be held in the late afternoon and into the early evening.  Our sessions on Tuesday will be shorter, introducing techniques that can be completed during the class.  Projects that take longer and are more intensive will be offered on Saturdays and will focus on more elaborate designs and multiple techniques. 

You can either sign up at the shop or simply email us which classes you are interested in and we will send you in depth class descriptions, tools required and class fees.  

 Waterflowers Ndebele Bracelet
Technique: Tubular Ndebele and Fringing 
Saturday July 31
9:30 AM-2:00 PM

This is our first introduction to Ndebele; the famous and resilient Zulu  Stitch from South Africa. Bettina has created this delicate piece emulating the shimmery sense of Monet's water flower series. 
Level: All levels

Simplicity Ring
Tuesday August 3
5:00 PM- 7:00 PM
Technique:  Basic Even Count Peyote and Embellishing
Working with our exclusive range of Japanese Bugle Beads and Size 15 Rocailles to create a simple but very photogenic ring.  Customers are always asking us about these rings.  Once you master the basic technique you will be able to create your own patterns and nuances.  You can never have enough of these rings in different hues in colors. 
Level:  Beginner

RAW Pave Reversible Bracelet
Saturday August 7
9:30 AM-2:00 PM
Technique:  RAW ( Right Angle Weave) and Embellishing
This is our first project offered in this rewarding stitch.  You will be making a piece that can be worn for day wear and by simply flipping it, will have the shimmer of Czech Crystals for a special evening piece.
Level:  All levels

Bells of Rhapsody Earrings
Saturday August 14
9:30 AM-2:00 PM
Technique:  Tubular and Flat Ndebele Stitch and Embellishing
These delicate earrings are reminiscent of the delicacy of blue bell flowers.  Little garden delights will be created in a very innovative method. 
Level:  A working knowledge of Ndebele, or to have taken  Waterflowers Ndebele Bracelet.

For more in depth information on any of these classes, tools list and class fees please feel free to send us an email request at info@lbojzazz.com or contact either Bettina or Lubna at  6676-7608 or 5555-7745.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Open Beading Afternoon @ LB o J'zazz Friday July 23

Who says there's nothing to do this summer here in Kuwait!  For all of you beaders, as we promised to arrange for an open beading time at least once a month for starts.  So, what better month than July? You can bring projects that you would like to complete, or new ones you have started.  You may just want to hang out with your fellow beaders.  We'd love to see what you've been up to in the past months.  Any new beaders in town- this is a great way to show off your talents and meet like minded creative individuals like yourself. 

We'll  have some relaxing music, light and healthy snacks, beverages and your company.  Bettina and I will be available to assist you in any of your previous class projects also.  In addition, we'll be providing class schedules for the summer and Ramadan season.

You're welcome to pass by anytime starting from
5:00 PM- 9:00 PM
on Friday July 23 at:

Block 9 Street 6
House 13 Side Basement Entrance

For any questions or directions please call us at either 6676-7608 and 5555-7745

Summer Treats Coming Your Way

In the past month many of our clients  have been passing by the shop to see either Bettina or myself and arrive to find neither of us there.  We then either get a call from our new team member Chaminda or you wondering why we are not at the shop today?  It's such a great feeling when you call us and ask of us, it means we achieved part of our desire to make LB o J'zazz personable and to build long lasting connections with you, our customers who have become friends and our friends who we enjoy to serve as our customers.

Reason being, Bettina and I are having a blast going back to shoppers Wish Lists, remembering conversations when someone said:  " Do you folks have French Wire?" and my response was "No, but we'll get it for you!"  So, we've been in the back office putting orders in, selecting qualitatively and increasing the bead offerings for you to expand and explore your creativity through beads, findings and embellishings.

LB o J'zazz will be presenting an array of new product lines that were previously not available in addition to new products, LB o J'zazz will be the first to offer these ranges in the Middle East and we hope to wow your senses and get you into your Beading Zone.  In addition, we have been concocting over twelve new classes with customized kits in a delectable array of colorways in addition to bringing back the popular classes.  At this time, we will be offering classes that are introductory and will be shorter in duration along with longer classes for our Mid Level Beaders.

There's so much we have in store for you, our creative and wonderful LB o J'zazzers, so please feel free to pass by, Chaminda is eager to serve your requirements and answer any questions while Bettina and I are cooking our feast of Beads and all things creative.  

Please note that for those of you on our mailing list, we will be sending a mini survey to assess the most ideal times for workshops and other activities, we would really appreciate your input and feedback. 

Friday, July 9, 2010

As Dunes Unfold

Just as the wind playfully creates beautiful artistic stokes of sand lines with every gust of its whistling winds, so does my playful spirit embroider beads on special canvas. ‘Dunes’ is my journey through unforeseen paths of desert sand dunes which I began several months back. This is my 2nd attempt at a bead embroidery necklace and I am finding it surprisingly more peaceful and pleasant a process this time around. As this journey is in its early stages, I have decided to share the ‘Preface’ to my story with you.

Stage 1: (inner conversation between “Me, myself and I”)

Ok, I think its time I take the plunge and embark on this painstaking, two-by-two bead picking challenge. The time to face my fears, head on, by applying this technique on a necklace project has arrived. This fear, or rather challenge as Lubna would say, I have been avoiding for over a year reminds me of the old Energizer battery advertisement that so eloquently and positively describes its strength to “keep going and going and going” comes full swing. Barricaded in my cozy little studio, I decide (again) that our beloved desert would be the theme behind selecting my color palette of gold, off-white, grey, beige and shades of cream. Something that is neutral in tone and can be matched with almost any color dress, darra3a, gown, or blouse one might feel like wearing. Elegant, simple and almost “jewel”-like in its overall design was the direction I decided to go with.

Now I have a secret to share. On one of our (Lubna and I) many buying trips, I invested HEAVILY on an exquisite personal collection of stones which were masterfully selected, cut, and finished by Gary Wilson, a guru in Lapidary work. And I have just waited for the right time to use one of those stones on a worthy piece. The Bali Star Coral cabochon was the focal piece of choice for Dunes. Now let the wind currents begin.

With the template created and the focal cabochon attached, the ‘Preface’ and beginning to my Dune-forming, wind blowing journey is underway.

Radiant Suns and luminescent Moons brighten and present mesmerizing, almost hypnotic depth and intrigue to Dunes with the use of Swarovski Crystal Rivolis, Preciosa crystal cabochons, Mother of Pearl cabochons, Toho seed beads, and many other goodies.
May the journey continue and may the birth of Dunes be swift and glorious.

To be continued…

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Local Talent Highlight: Eman Al-Bader

We launched our first initial Decopatch offerings back in 2008 at the AWL Charity Bazaar that used to take place at the Movenpick.  We had dedicated two tables to the range and it still was not enough for what we had to share with visitors.  In any case, people were very interested as we demoed upcycling wooden hangers and our special paper mache molds.  One of our first customers was Mrs.  Eman Al-Bader who made a significant purchase as she proceeded to select practically all of the paper designs we had on offer that day. 

She is a Lead teacher of Carpentry and is also a Counselor for other teachers at the Ministry of Education.  Multi-talented, multi-tasking and shares her knowledge freely with other educators.  She created workshops and exhibits  which focused on applying Decopatch to carpentry.  She takes the simple application to another level as you will see in the images on this posting. 

As you can see, the possibilities are endless and have a level of finishing provided the application is done consistently you can create upcycled objects of this quality.  Let your imagination run free with Decopatch and see what you come up with!