Monday, April 22, 2013

Expect the Unexpected in Leprechaun Land

Oscar Statement bridge ring

Emerald green fields, rejuvenating raindrops, fresh clean air are all typical elements of Irish weather that i so love.  You can breath with no dust, you can go out with out sweating :) and there is greenery- LIFE- everywhere.  Celtic music fills the streets, cheerful, friendly people wish you "happy days" when they depart.  Just spectacular.  Yet that is not all that characterizes Irish Land (my term of endearment for beautiful Ireland), i think mythical Leprechauns are at play here as well.

How else can you explain going from "student" to "teacher" at The School of Jewellery!  Must be the magical powers of those little Leprechauns.

True, Lubna and I have for the last 4 years been sharing our skills, passions and beading experiences with creative souls in Kuwait and had planned to travel and spread the "love" .   We just had not thought of skipping the entire Middle East all together and going straight for Europe.  But hey... no complaints here.  The Universe beckons and the Leprechauns seem to be in on it.
Bettina demonstrating the technique

Thanks to this years' Academy Awards being so low on the entertainment scale, my beads kept me company.  This very striking yet simple and delicate of the 'Mehndi Collection' came to life.  Everywhere i went, including to the Beginner Traditional Jewelry Skills Course, my Oscar Statement series of rings adorned these working fingers.
A helping in hand the process of learning
Mastering the technique 

Effortlessly, with an unforeseen energy, a grand collaborative stream had sprung.  I had the honor of being a part of the teaching team at The School of Jewellery as a Visiting Teacher for 2 grand evenings.  

Students were very keen, serious and enthusiastic about learning the secrets behind creating this seamless bridge ring.  Not a single student left with out proudly wearing their first flat, single-drop, even count, Peyote off loom weave bridge ring.
Day 2:  Student pride

Day 1:  Student pride
A big thank you to the school's owner, Deirdre O'Donnell, for having the vision, sharp business acumen, and fine character  to offer us this lovely collaborative opportunity between our two skill-sharing journeys.   We hope one day to have her visit us and teach here in Kuwait.

May we forge stronger and deeper ties with our new found friends and partner in Ireland.  Thank you Leprechaun for your great, mischievous, adored hospitality :)