Tuesday, April 17, 2012

LB o J'zazz-ers and REUSE 5.0

A "Decopatch-ed" watering can by Bettina Al-Bakhit

Spring is upon us.  What better time to explore Kuwait's Friday Market.

Scouting the secondhand area of the Friday Market

And that is precisely what Lubna and I did on an April early Friday morning while Kuwait sleeps.

To purchase someone else's throwaways (a.k.a secondhand) at bargain prices and minimal budget so we can convert and up cycle someone else's trash into anothers' treasure through the creative energies of our team and the use of Decopatch!

Giving the old, scratched, abandoned, broken and compromised objects a new heart and Soul and prepare it for their new homes.

2 mirrors to be upcycled with Decopatch
Chaminda will work wonders on these items

Inspirations:  3-fold.  
1)  Mother Earth
2)  Decopatch
3)  REUSE 5.0

Although we did partake in REUSE last year, this is our 1st year in the name of LB o J'zazz.  And what makes it even more special is that we are participating alongside family (LB o J'zazz-ers):

So do come over and browse through the "Garage Sale" zone and see what magic can be done with someone's... dare i say... trash! :)

Where: Australian College of Kuwait
When:  April 19-22, 2012

Until then..
<3 n Peace

Monday, April 9, 2012

Friday the 13th.... Yes: Meet & Bead !

Najat's Delights | Iqbal's Polymer Cabs Interpreted
As Bettina and I were on overload last week, I was forced to postpone our monthly ritual of every first Friday being the Meet and Bead.  So, without further ado the date was shifted to the next week and by sheer coincidence it is indeed Friday the 13th.  What symbolism we imbue when it comes to rituals and what people tell us is part of our imagination and to add to that the LB o J'zazz Beading Zone is housed in House 13!
It's been well over a month since we last congregated and so please bring your eye candy, nimble fingers and bead stashes to get our creative juices flowing. 

There will be my homemade green lemons lemonade, hot spiced cider and other goodies to accompany us through the evening.  Looking forward to having you all.  Friends and guests are all welcome. 

Date:  April 13 (Friday)
Time:  6:00 PM- 9:00 PM
Venue:  LB o J'zazz Beading Zone
Jabriya Block 9 Street 6 House 13 ( Side Basement Entrance)

For more information you can contact us at 2261-0686

From BBQ Grill to Planter

Planting to kick start Earth Month

With Earth Hour approaching, it was no longer fair that I postpone putting plants outside the shop.  Doing things practically, with form and function a priority, while maintaining the spirit of Earth Month at our shop meant that I needed to allow myself to go beyond the typical. On the day before the event, Lubna and I headed to the Friday market looking to up-cycle secondhand items and planter pots was on our list, but nothing suitable was found.

Literally, out of the stillness of my mind, an idea of heading to the tin market emerged.  Now this market largely specializes in large trunks for which many expats would pack items in and ship to their home countries.
Trunks and more

Chaminda planting
Now what I wanted to do was to block off the parking area in front of our shop to make room for the Earth Hour event planned for the next day.  Yet it was important that whatever is placed there was high enough to be visible to someone sitting in their car, that it was light enough to lift and move, and that beautiful succulents, creepers, and flowers can grow in.

As we browsed through the market scouting, the perfect yet least likely solution dawned to me... a barbeque grill! Yes.. yes.. and why not?  The unconventional always thrilled me.  Besides, it covered every aspect of concern- height, weight, function and practicality.
A stroll through the market

And what made this process well worth sharing is that on the afternoon of Earth Hour, Lubna, Chaminda and I planted.  The sense of touch and connection Earth while smoothing soil around the base of the new planters coupled with being outdoors and the thrill of finally getting to planting at the shop were all a part of a milestone for LB o J'zazz.

Our BBQ planters
What a perfect way to salute and welcome Earth Month at our shop.