Tuesday, April 17, 2012

LB o J'zazz-ers and REUSE 5.0

A "Decopatch-ed" watering can by Bettina Al-Bakhit

Spring is upon us.  What better time to explore Kuwait's Friday Market.

Scouting the secondhand area of the Friday Market

And that is precisely what Lubna and I did on an April early Friday morning while Kuwait sleeps.

To purchase someone else's throwaways (a.k.a secondhand) at bargain prices and minimal budget so we can convert and up cycle someone else's trash into anothers' treasure through the creative energies of our team and the use of Decopatch!

Giving the old, scratched, abandoned, broken and compromised objects a new heart and Soul and prepare it for their new homes.

2 mirrors to be upcycled with Decopatch
Chaminda will work wonders on these items

Inspirations:  3-fold.  
1)  Mother Earth
2)  Decopatch
3)  REUSE 5.0

Although we did partake in REUSE last year, this is our 1st year in the name of LB o J'zazz.  And what makes it even more special is that we are participating alongside family (LB o J'zazz-ers):

So do come over and browse through the "Garage Sale" zone and see what magic can be done with someone's... dare i say... trash! :)

Where: Australian College of Kuwait
When:  April 19-22, 2012

Until then..
<3 n Peace

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