Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 Is Just Around The Corner.... So Let's Just Meet & Bead This January 7!

A peony in Lubna's garden
With picture perfect weather, as I sit here writing this post in my garden, listening to the birds energetically chirp, and a lounging lazy gray cat who's our neighbor but happens to believe he owns the garden, plans for LB o J'zazz readers, friends and clients are underway.

Sample of RAW technique
Bettina and I have been working on creating new, unique and vivid projects to introduce in the 2011 classes along with new samples to inspire you along the way.  Many of them will be showcased at our first Meet & Bead of the year this January and we
will have some surprises for those of you who will join us that evening.  We suggest you pull out your projects in the past year take a look at them all together and reflect on what you have created.  New variations and creations may emerge from this process of exploration. 

You will also be able to sign up for many of the upcoming classes and get a preview of what's to come.  Wishing you all the best and keep on beading!

Date: January 7
Time:  6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Venue:  Jabriya Block 9 Street 6 House 13 Side Basement Entrance

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bead Soup: The Best Recipe As The Weather Cools

Spiral Stitch samples for a final piece by Lubna

Many of us can be hesitant when it comes to mixing colors or creating a potpourri palette when beading especially when trying to create and develop your own style.  Bead Soups are ideal solutions to this and we will be offering classes based on you creating your own Bead Soups as part of the project.  However, there's another ideal alternative for those beaders who would prefer a safer premix for colorways.  We have a great array of Bead Soups in tubes for Delicas, and for bead mixes in specific palettes.
Meet Wheatberry, Earth Tones, Apparition and many more.  These mixes all consist of Premium Japanese Beads by Miyuki and are lots of fun and go a long way into several projects. 

So visit us and ask for our Special Bead Soups, just the right recipe for beading this season.  If you have any questions or requests just call us at our new store number is 2261-0686.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Come- Let's Meet & Bead This Friday December 3

Many people seem to be waiting for the first Friday of the month to come so that we can Meet and Bead.  We seem to have created a pattern softly yet surely.  So, if you want to be inspired by other beaders, peruse through lots of magazines with super ideas, start or finish a project amidst a group of like minded individuals then, please join us this December 3. For those of you who are curious or have not beaded before and would like to inquire please feel free to come by in a very relaxed and informal environment. 

Time:  6 PM- 9 PM
Venue:  Jabriya Block 9 Street 6 Villa 13