Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kindred Spirits Series Update

As the Kindred Spirits series explored and developed by LB o J'zazz co-founder Lubna is evolving we wanted to share some of the directions and ideas that are the underlying seeds of this dialogue. As mentioned in Lubna's Pecha Kucha performance last March, it is an intra-cultural conversation through beads.

Beads are considered the oldest objects created by man over 38,000 years ago that are the earliest expressions of abstract thought. The fact that special tools were created for this articulation in itself attest to man's evolution of cognition, cultural literacy and development.

The fifth beaded collar within the series is currently under completion and here are a few images. The concept began to formulate as the fourth beaded collar "Fossil Paths" was being completed where the tight color palette of blacks, silvers and greys created a very specific feeling, I wanted to have a burst of contrasting colors and shapes be articulated in a much bolder expression of purples, pinks, violets and greens. At this point in time, the beaded collar is nameless but it has a very "jewel like" feel. Any suggestions for a name would be welcome.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Off Loom Weaving: Introduction To Peyote Stitch

There are several techniques that have proven to be favorite by artisans and craftsmen generation to generation. An ancient technique, Peyote Stitch perfected and expressed among native Americans is still employed today. This stitch is created using an "off-loom" method and initially was created to hold the hallucinogenic dream creating drug Peyote in a special pouch styled pendant. From a creative standpoint, this is by far one of the most rewarding and versatile techniques in "off-loom" weaving.

We will be offering an introduction class, on Saturday September 12 introducing the technique and some variations and applications. Participants will be able to make and complete a Peyote Cuff in addition to acquiring new embellishing and finishing techniques that can also be creatively employed in other objects of adornment.

Limited Seating Availability

For more information contact Lubna 5555-7745 or at

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bohemian Delight 1st Class Kick Off

Last Saturday, was the kick off for our long anticipated beading class series. Bohemian Delight was developed by both Bettina and I in our first collaboration of creating pieces within a session. Inspired by our trip to the Bohemian region in the Czech Republic this past February the style and materials used all came from that region.
At our Jabriya location, the class started at 11 AM as our first participants chose from over ten palettes for the Earring and Necklace Set and began to experience the basics of beading and moving to more intricate methods as the project progressed. By the end of the session most of our beaders left with a complete set and could easily replicate the project on their own.
For me, the best part of our LB o J'zazz experience is you, our customers and participants. Bettina and I get to share our passion for the most ancient of abstract expression known to mankind....... let the beading begin!
Currently, this workshop will be repeated, in addition two more workshops are being concocted as we speak and will add to the repertoire and variety of experiences you can enjoy.