Friday, July 9, 2010

As Dunes Unfold

Just as the wind playfully creates beautiful artistic stokes of sand lines with every gust of its whistling winds, so does my playful spirit embroider beads on special canvas. ‘Dunes’ is my journey through unforeseen paths of desert sand dunes which I began several months back. This is my 2nd attempt at a bead embroidery necklace and I am finding it surprisingly more peaceful and pleasant a process this time around. As this journey is in its early stages, I have decided to share the ‘Preface’ to my story with you.

Stage 1: (inner conversation between “Me, myself and I”)

Ok, I think its time I take the plunge and embark on this painstaking, two-by-two bead picking challenge. The time to face my fears, head on, by applying this technique on a necklace project has arrived. This fear, or rather challenge as Lubna would say, I have been avoiding for over a year reminds me of the old Energizer battery advertisement that so eloquently and positively describes its strength to “keep going and going and going” comes full swing. Barricaded in my cozy little studio, I decide (again) that our beloved desert would be the theme behind selecting my color palette of gold, off-white, grey, beige and shades of cream. Something that is neutral in tone and can be matched with almost any color dress, darra3a, gown, or blouse one might feel like wearing. Elegant, simple and almost “jewel”-like in its overall design was the direction I decided to go with.

Now I have a secret to share. On one of our (Lubna and I) many buying trips, I invested HEAVILY on an exquisite personal collection of stones which were masterfully selected, cut, and finished by Gary Wilson, a guru in Lapidary work. And I have just waited for the right time to use one of those stones on a worthy piece. The Bali Star Coral cabochon was the focal piece of choice for Dunes. Now let the wind currents begin.

With the template created and the focal cabochon attached, the ‘Preface’ and beginning to my Dune-forming, wind blowing journey is underway.

Radiant Suns and luminescent Moons brighten and present mesmerizing, almost hypnotic depth and intrigue to Dunes with the use of Swarovski Crystal Rivolis, Preciosa crystal cabochons, Mother of Pearl cabochons, Toho seed beads, and many other goodies.
May the journey continue and may the birth of Dunes be swift and glorious.

To be continued…

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Lubna said...

I can't wait to see it unfold. It appears that that you've created some new embellishing techniques along the way....