Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Treats Coming Your Way

In the past month many of our clients  have been passing by the shop to see either Bettina or myself and arrive to find neither of us there.  We then either get a call from our new team member Chaminda or you wondering why we are not at the shop today?  It's such a great feeling when you call us and ask of us, it means we achieved part of our desire to make LB o J'zazz personable and to build long lasting connections with you, our customers who have become friends and our friends who we enjoy to serve as our customers.

Reason being, Bettina and I are having a blast going back to shoppers Wish Lists, remembering conversations when someone said:  " Do you folks have French Wire?" and my response was "No, but we'll get it for you!"  So, we've been in the back office putting orders in, selecting qualitatively and increasing the bead offerings for you to expand and explore your creativity through beads, findings and embellishings.

LB o J'zazz will be presenting an array of new product lines that were previously not available in addition to new products, LB o J'zazz will be the first to offer these ranges in the Middle East and we hope to wow your senses and get you into your Beading Zone.  In addition, we have been concocting over twelve new classes with customized kits in a delectable array of colorways in addition to bringing back the popular classes.  At this time, we will be offering classes that are introductory and will be shorter in duration along with longer classes for our Mid Level Beaders.

There's so much we have in store for you, our creative and wonderful LB o J'zazzers, so please feel free to pass by, Chaminda is eager to serve your requirements and answer any questions while Bettina and I are cooking our feast of Beads and all things creative.  

Please note that for those of you on our mailing list, we will be sending a mini survey to assess the most ideal times for workshops and other activities, we would really appreciate your input and feedback. 

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