Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Inherent Beauty Of Stones And Peyote Bezeling

It seems that as the weather cools down, our body clocks and biorhythms make a shift that seems to trigger a flurry of creative energy.  In the past few weeks, new pieces are coming to fruition in addition to a whole new set of projects for upcoming classes that are being tested and concocted in the LB o J'zazz Beading Kitchen.

One piece is this Jasper cabochon that reminded me of the island of Cyprus in it's outline and the the ridges and rings the rich history and condition of this beautiful land.  Again, as a beader we say "You can never have enough seed beads and Delicas" however, as my personal stash is waning the limited palettes available have pushed the creative envelope a bit further.  Many times I will apply certain design restrictions such as the standard template of the beaded collar, limiting the palette to a very tight color range, assymetrical placement of the focal points to name a few.  This has allowed the objects to break out of the norm and define itself in a fresh and new way.  
Bezeling with Peyote Stitch is probably one of the most rewarding techniques in this process.  Whenever I see the claw like prongs holding onto a beautiful stone it leaves me cold.  However, when the Delicas Size 11s surround, envelope and encase the stone mimicking and echoing the original shape it enhances and intensifies the inherent qualities of the stone or cabochon as seen in the image below.


I will post the completed piece as it will include special Tierracast findings and clasps in Antiqued Copper and hammertone finishes. 

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