Monday, February 22, 2010

Earth Day and our little take on this

A succulent in Lubna's Pot Garden 
Both Bettina and I have been passionately committed to seeking a healthier and less polluted environment, wise and practical urban planning, sustainability and green building.  In our corporate paths, we worked separately and in parallel without really deciding on the how but rather, on the why.  So, as LB o J'zazz came to be, we were, for the first time able to put our ideas and life philosophy in motion without having to battle the bottom line profit-hungry and ignorant powers-that-be on the immense and critical importance of protecting, saving and nurturing our planet. So, as we are now the-powers-that-be; it took very little convincing. .
Earth Day is just around the corner on April 22nd and we will be sharing with you our stories, practices and ideas that as a tiny entrepreneurial business we live by day to day and share with our customers and friends.  It is a main part of our mission to seek and work with companies that are committed to healthier modes of production, reducing carbon emissions, recycling, upcycling, Fair Trade  and a lot more.
On this note, we kick off our series of blogs leading up and continuing well after Earth Day with a link to Earth Day Network.  You can find Earth Day activities and events across the globe and get access to many innovative and simple ways to contribute to embracing the planet we live on for us now and the generations that will follow.  In addition to tools for teachers and companies to incorporate Environmental education. 
We also welcome you to offer and share your daily acts of nurturing and preserving Mother Earth through our blog and comments.  
By merely buying local and handmade in itself may contribute to this effort. You can go to

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