Monday, April 5, 2010

Life, Art & Love; A Collaboration

The past two weeks, the LB o J'zazz family has been experiencing a whirlwind of activities at the business and personal level. For the founders, creating an extension that reflects our life philosophies has been instrumental in our development and evolution.
Lubna and Bettina have been running the store, administration, government paper work, marketing and school events in addition to gearing up for a life changing event of one of the partners; as Lubna is getting ready to tie the knot.
Creatively and personally, the demands have never been more challenging as a small entrepreunerial outfit. We were able to use this very personal day and incorporate meanings and nuances at several levels.
Whenever I had the chance to communicate with my dear friend, creative inspiration and designer Claudia Shames, I would say: " Claudia if I ever decide to take the plunge, you will have to design and make my wedding dress." Due to the short notice this was not possible and I had to find something that suited my persona fast. So, the focus then moved to creating a bridal veil that would be the focal point of the whole ensemble. So just three days ago, Claudia, Bettina and I began a creative and material collaboration. We selected the tulle, a silvery beige dream of a material. Then Bettina seeing my anguish when Claudia asked if I could create a bejeweled band, jumped in and offered to design and make it for me.
As ideas were thrown around, both Bettina and I realized that as we have been espousing quality materials in the textile realm here in Kuwait, we saw this as the ideal opportunity to only use LB o J'zazz Czech Crystals, our Premium Japanese beads and C Lon thread as the perfect sampler combined with my favorite designer who has a keen understanding and sensitivity of how to enhance our individuality in her creations.
We will share with our friends and readers the joys of colloborating in a field that will end up creating an adorned piece that will be part of our memories, joy and celebration of a special day of matrimony. This is what makes us tick. Artfully living, and creatively loving. This is who we and this what we do.

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