Friday, October 15, 2010

Fareed Abdal's Long Awaited Exhibit: Words Unfold At Tilal Gallery October 17

Partial view of the "Majnoon" painting

After a three year long anticipated wait by all Abdal followers and fans, "Words Unfold" furls and spreads it's magic and artistry for the viewer.  Over sixty major works, this show is truly a milestone in Fareed Abdal's creative journey as one of the leading artists of our time who is deconstructing, dissecting and metamorphasizing language, meaning, dogma, letters and primal sounds all winding down to the celebration of love, life, The Beloved and humanity.

Letter "Jeem" ring in the 28 Faces of the Beloved Collection

The show will consist of over sixty major works, in addition to collaborations in costume design along with the artist's celebrated ring collection of  Twenty Eight Faces Of The Beloved that will be showcased.
Letter "Sheen" sculptural ring created by our very talent Artist Fareed

Venue:  Tilal Gallery
            Al-Tilal Mall
            Shuwaikh (Across from Centerpoint/ Landmark)
Date:  October 17
Words Unfold Opening:  7 PM

The show will last for ten days. 

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