Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Czechs Are In The LB o J'zazz House

Glass Cabochon in  process by Master Jindrich

Handmade Cabochons by Master Jindrich
Eastern Europe and in particular the Bohemian Region within the Czech Republic has been renowned for hundreds of years to be high quality producers of glass beads reaching as far as Africa, South America and the Far East.  What differentiates this sector in this region is that it truly is a cottage industry.  Despite serious attempts during the period of Communism to nationalize and force consolidations and the mass production approach of the  post-Glasnost era, the cottage industry still remains and luckily is being maintained due to global demand.
Mucha's Flowers bracelet in pastels of Czech bicones

We began  our offerings last year, with our extensive range of Bohemian Machine Cut Crystals in bicones, drops and spacers.  More items were added with our handcrafted Cabochons, farfalles, peacock beads and pressed glass.  Now, we are very excited to offer a new range in seed beads in various finishes and sizes.

Size 13 Charlottes
The first unique type of bead is our range in Size 13 Charlottes.  These beads are created by beginning with long tubes of glass that are cut in a round shape and then given a 1-Cut edge that creates a glimmer effect and is also called True cuts.  When used in combination with other beads they provide a vintage feel to beaded objects.  The beads come in 6 string hanks and the weights vary depending on finishes.

The most popular seed bead size is 11 and are available in various finishes such as AB, Luster, Matte AB, Silver Lined, Copper Lined, Ceylon and Standard classic finishes. What makes Czech beads an essential addition to your bead stash is that some colors are never made again, in addition to their crafty feel as the shapes are rounder.  Czech size 11s are slightly smaller than what you will experience in Japanese ranges.
This piece made by Lubna exclusively employs Czech seed beads
So feel free to come by and ask us for all things Czech for they are truly great finds and are great values for avid beaders and beginners alike.

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