Friday, January 21, 2011

Pushing The Envelope: Perfecting Techniques

There are several beading artists who can work in a whole range of techniques, however the artists who delve in three to four main techniques seem to have come up with real innovations and beaded adorned objects through this intense focus and concentration that comes with perfecting a stitch and pushing the envelope creatively.  I myself have explored many stitches yet am more willing to explore the possibilities with a pretty tight range of off loom weaving with Peyote, Ndebele, Spiral,  and Right Angle Weave in various forms in addition to Bead Embroidery that employs these off loom weaving stitches along with the back stitch and embellishing.

Here are some recent examples of my delving in to (RAW) Right Angle Weave which seems to have originated in three different geographic regions, Eastern Europe and Russia, the Phillipines area and Japan.
Mucha's Flowers Bracelet
It is a very simple stitch that employs the geometry of right angles but is limitless in design options as it can be made to look like fabric in addition to being worked in layers, tubes and to also curve.  The one point that may come as a surprise is that it employs a lot more thread than most other stitches.  However, the rewards are worth the thread eating trade off. 

Byzantine Queen Earrings
Many different types of patterning can be established, one has to really play with the options and possibilities and create a lot of different samples before embarking on a complete piece.  In my case, I have created several samples that can give me a head start whenever a new project is started. 
Madha'ad in Celadon 
Here is another example of Right Angle Weave in an interpretation of the Madha'ad or bangle.  The piece is molded and takes structure with a base that allows the stitch and pattern to be presented in a three dimensional mode.
So, when you master a certain technique or stitch, play and explore it to as far as you think you can go and then some. Modify a color, or a size or pattern sequence and the practice and playing will lead to new expressions and articulations.
Beads, finishes and the off-loom weaving stitches will allow for endless and infinite possibilities.
Boho Chic Choker

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