Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Finally Got The Bag !

I have a sibling Lail who would not be caught dead without carrying a branded bag and has taken the search for them to new heights.  It's very interesting how siblings operating systems can be so different.  On the other hand, I long for artisanal bags, ethnic and locally made using locally sourced materials that is why I do not possess many because they are so hard to find.  Well now, for the first time I can carry a bag and say this was made, designed and executed by a local artist in Kuwait..... Yes, the proud, the few who has a Madhawi Bint Yagout Clutch.
The Clutch and embellished dangles

 A few weeks back at our March Meet and Bead Madhawi pulled out a prototype.  The bag is a result of the local tradition of basket  and mat weaving (khoos and zabeel containers ) that Madhawi's late father had taught her and her siblings how to master. So, she took the weavings of her brother, constructed them and combined them with her signature crochet in beautiful Turkish Cotton Thread  and that was  what spurred the request for two bags to be made one for my sister in law Mona which would be a beach bag in bright summery hues and a bag for me.  I have never been so delighted with the combination of the traditional weaving textures along with her ability to construct and mold the weaves.

Two other shapes and designs
The bags were so popular at our Meet & Bead that we will soon be carrying samples at the LB o J'zazz store in Shaab the bags will be available by special order.  If you are interested just send us an email at These are truly unique and also come with high finishing as Madhawi has also lined the bags with lovely fabrics and little details such as inner pockets in crochet that truly make a difference. Madhawi also teaches crochet, paints, sews, weaves, beads and is a classical pianist by training!
The beautiful fringe focal point all worked by hand

Karkoosha Designs by Madhawi Bint Yagout

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