Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Our 1st Fanoos Meet and Bead August 5th

A beautiful resorted I visited in the U.A.E| Photo by Bettina

This is our 1st Ramadhan together- LB o J'zazz-ers! 

Ramadhan Kareem

Last year it dawned to me how nice it would be if we celebrate with all our senses the "Ramadhan spirit".   What better time to put that idea into reality than in our upcoming evening on August 5th. 

Let us get in the spirit!

An outstanding serene desert dream| Photo by Bettina
"Fanoos" Meet and Bead will be filled with smells, sounds, and colors of this special time.  With all that will be surrounding you, why not start a project like the Gujirati Khulkaal Lubna taught in our last class?  Or perhaps even work on a piece for Eid?  What ever you choose to, 1) start, 2) continue, or 3) finish a project I look forward to welcoming you.

For you all who need a jump start come meet super creative people, sift through our collection of magazines, or just "inhale" good energy and inspiration. 
Ms. Hanan shared her wonderful interpretation of a project she learned at
one of our classes. 
This piece is massive and impressive
| Photo by Bettina

My darraa'/kaftan is set aside just waiting to be worn for this special evening with you.  It would be great if would also join me by dressing in the local dress (Darraa').  And for our male LB o J'zazz-ers, a Dishdasha or Thob would be perfect and a breath of fresh air to see in "The Zone".

This Friday, August 5th it is then.

Ramadhan timing:
Time:     8:30 p.m.- 11:30 p.m.
Venue:   Jabriyah, Block 9, Street 6,  Villa 13 (side basement entrance)

For more information, please feel free to call 22610686 or email us at info@lbojzazz.com.

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Lubna said...

The Fanoos is such a beaufitiful symbol and comes in so many different interpretations. Enjoy it and can't wait to see the pics of your special evening.