Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November's Here With Some Cool Weather Cheer So Let's Meet & Bead

A melange of talents and crafted pieces from Reem Al Hajri and Iqbal Al Rahmani
Finally, some cool weather has graced our presence after an extended summer season that just lingered.  So, now is the time to bring back some favorite beverages such as my homemade Cinnamon Spiced Cider, Hot Karkade and other refreshments as we congregate, reconnect over all that is handmade with special attention to beaded adornment and crafts.
Our first event of the month as we welcome you before the Eid Holidays, so join us for another relaxed and laid back evening of mingling, looking at other folks' creations and having a good laugh or two.

Reem Al Hajri's Funky Bangles that everyone just had to have!

Date:  Friday November 4
Time:  6 PM- 9:30 PM
Venue:  The LB o J'zazz Beading Zone
Jabriya Block 9 Street 6 House 13 (Side Basement Entrance)

For more information you can call us at 2261-0686 or send us an email at

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