Monday, February 6, 2012

Miyuki | Haiku Reflections

Brand new collection of Miyuki seed beads, Triangles, bugles,
Magatamas and Rocailles

Last January 11, 2012 was another gathering at LB o J'zazz that was a celebration of all that is Miyuki.  For Bettina and I who were exposed to these amazing creations over seven years back, our journey in creating and sharing the beauty of these small yet breathtaking beads has been a vibrant and interesting one to say the least.
Miyuki is truly poetry and that being said, we had an evening of music from Japan, bowls of hot piping edamame, our wonderful guests and friends, Haiku Poetry contributions on the wall and over 600 little apothecary glass bottles holding Miyuki beads.
Najat wrote this Haiku just for our special event

Our new display for Miyuki 

Starting from the smallest, pristine and exquisitely made beads which are the Size 15/0 equaling to 1.5mm showcased in hand woven baskets, moving on to a bountiful array of Size 11/0 seed beads, and the precision cut world famous Delicas, onto the new Duracoat Galvanised beads in various sizes, and then our new collection of bugle beads such as the Antique Black Twisted Bugle in 2x6mm that are just perfect for fringing and bead embroidery.  In addition, we also showcased the standard Magatamas and the new shape of the Long Magatamas.  It was a celebration of colors, hues, shapes, finishes and coating that were a feast to the eye and food for the soul and imagination.

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