Monday, August 13, 2012

Tri Links Choker Class This Saturday August 18

Tri Links In Gold Hammertone from last season's palette

We have brought back this class by request of many of our regular beaders and off loom weaving passionistas.  In addition, as friends are moving to new adventures and experiences, we thought this would be a great  way to get everyone for a gathering before Eid and to bid some of our dear friends a good journey and move while we learn to create and make. 
This Saturday in our regular class series, a new lighter and more delicate design will pave the way for sunny days and fall evenings.  This idea came to me, as I imagined what kind of jewelry one would one wear on an island in the Mediterranean and this is what came to fruition.  
Combining two ancient off loom weaving techniques and allowing the links to become the focal points with the Native American Peyote stitch and the Spiral Stitch of the Zulus coming together in a new interpretation of the past with our Tierracast Hammertone Black and Brass Oxide as the focal points.  Accenting the circularity of the links, the closure is a  subtle contrast.  The design has yet again been modified whereby, we will be exploring the beauty of the Spiral Stitch employing our collection of wonderful hues in the Miyuki Bugle Beads range.

Participants are also going to experiment with how threads can change and alter the colorways of a piece and how to enhance this feature along with experimenting of color blending of beads to create a subtle but rich palette. 

Date:  August 18, Saturday
Time:  11:00 AM- 3:00 PM
Technique:  Peyote / Zulu Spiral Stitch
Level:  Advanced Beginners (Comfortable with peyote and spiral stitch)

Kits will be available for reservation and advance registration at the shop this Tuesday evening after Iftar time.  For more information you can contact the shop from 4pm-Midnight daily for the remaining portion of Ramadan at 2261-0686 or send us an email at  For class description, fees and materials list you can also go to c
This class will be led by Lubna with the technical and creative support of Bettina.


WeegieKhaleeji said...

I am returning to Kuwait this month after a few years absence. I am looking forward to trying one of your classes once I get there!

Bettina said...

We look forward to having you join us once you are back.