Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lacy Blossom Bracelet: Our 1st in 2013

Lacy Blossom Bracelet| Created & Designed by Bettina Al-Bakhit

What better way to start our new year classes season than with a soft and delicate blossoming flower.

Spring is around the corner in our part of Mother Earth.  And not too far from us in the land called Egypt, a fine web technique popularly known today as Bead Netting was born.   Surprisingly, evidence of the Bead Netting technique can be traced back to about 500 B.C.

Not too long ago in 2005 a team of Australian  archaeologist discovered three mummies south of Cairo, Egypt.  "The chest of the mummy is covered with beads.  Most of the mummies of this period about 500 B.C.- the beads are completely gone, but this mummy has them all," he said, standing over one of the mummies that was swathed in turquoise blue beads and bound in strips of black linen."  http://www.crystalinks.com/cd.html

Fascinating how still today we celebrate beauty and honor skills of those before us.

Now, back to our present time.  This upcoming Saturday we will weave an intricate yet lovely bracelet using our Czech crystal imitation peals and bicones along with Japanese and Czech seed beads to create this bracelet.

Full view of Lacy Blossom | By Bettina Al-Bakhit

Date:             Saturday January 19, 2013
Time:             9:30 am- 2:00 pm
Level:             All Levels
Techniques:  Flat Circular Bead Netting| Stringing
Venue:          LB o J"zazz Beading zone
                      Block 9, Street 6, House 13 (side Basement Entrance)

As pre-registration is required and secures your space this can be done by visiting us at our shop in Shaab Al-Bahry, Block 8, Mohammed Darwish Al-Aradi Street, Al-Shaab Complex, Shop #4.

You can also email us at info@lbojzazz.com or call us at 2261-0686.  For materials list, class description and fees you can also go to Lacy Blossom Class By Bettina this Saturday Jan 19

All you need is a beading mat and beading triangle.  Both can be purchased at our shop or at class.

Please dress comfortably and be ready to enter our realm of beads.


Anonymous said...

i might invite some friends if any of them are interested - so class course fee ?

Bettina said...

If you dont mind.. please email us on info@lbojzazz.com and we will send you all the relevant information pertaining to this class. Or you may call us on: 2261-0686