Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Earth Hour 2013 This March 23 at LB o J'zazz

It's all about creating the connections of awareness and commitment throughout our communities and this year through our outreach program and support of other organizations and groups we are taking Earth Hour to another level.  LB o J'zazz in conjunction with the Youth Association of Kuwait will be organizing our Lights Out event at our Shaab Al Bahry location.

Renew your commitment to action  beyond the Hour with the"I Will If You Will" Challenge it is not just about turning the lights off for one hour but reminding ourselves of how the little things we commit to can lead to dramatic change for a better world to live and co-exist in.  This year LB o J'zazz began an initiative with some forward thinking restaurants such as the folks at En Mexico and began collecting their glass soda pop bottles and bottle caps to upcycle with our Decopatch range and into the Soda Pop Bling Earrings in addition to having our waste recycled through MRC.

LB o J'zazz as a small business is always searching for eco friendly products as well as sourcing from manufactures that are moving towards green practices as well as avoiding the use of toxic products.  We avoid any nickel and lead elements in our findings as we work with Tierracast and Vintaj ranges in addition to the Soft Flex Wires in a select range that are considered Green Products.

So join us for some good company, live music and celebrating the only planet we have.  For more information on the global movement Earth Hour you can go to http://earthhour.org/.

EARTH HOUR with LB o J'zazz and Friends
Date:  March 23, 2013 Saturday
Time:  7:30 pm 
Venue:  LB o J'zazz Shaab Al Bahry
Block 8 Mohammad Darwish Al-Aradi Street Store #4
Tel:  2261-0686

Lights will go out for one hour at 8:30pm 


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