Monday, August 10, 2009

Beading Thread At Its Best

One would think that all threads were created equal, however, after hours of frustrating experiences of constant fraying, splitting, breaking and extreme tangles and knots we would try another brand and keep on going in search of a reasonably priced yet, hassle free and dependable beading thread. After close to five years of experimenting, we can recommend C-Lon Beading Thread in AA and D sizes as ideally priced and dependable, in addition to having an amazing range of colors. It is manufactured in the USA and LB o J'zazz now offers it at our shop. For any projects requiring beading thread and in our workshop kits, C-Lon will be the thread of choice.

I use it extensively in my elaborate bead embroiderered objects, off loom weaving such as Peyote suffs, Ndebele stitch and the Spiral stitch to name a few. Depending on the project and stitches employed, you can condition your thread with Thread Heaven or Microcrystalline Wax. In many cases, beaders prefer not to condition their thread.LB o J'zazz offers over twenty two colors to choose from.

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