Saturday, August 15, 2009

LB o J'zazz Workshops

When the concept of LB o J'zazz germinated a few years ago, one of the main activities both Bettina and I were adamant and passionate about was workshops, and lots of them. Covering a variety of mediums, techniques and approaches.

When you visit our shop in Shaab el Bahry you not only get to peruse,touch, feel and discover beads from all over the planet, you can sign up for an evening workshop. Once you signed up and attended- a few hours later you can easily walk out with a finished project. Everything from your own unique take on a key chain, simple or bold earrings, bracelets, hejab brooches, necklaces, mesbahs and more will be offered weekly to you.

The workshop fees include the essential materials kit, illustrated instructions and a material list of additional items such as tools and task lamps in order to complete the projects with ease. If you do not have the items required in the material list, they can be purchased at our Shaab el Bahry location.

Both Bettina and I have developed beautiful kits and projects that will allow you to complete a project and to start as many new pieces on your own.

Photograph taken by Laura Boushnak March 2009


doubled said...

Hi Lubna! Hi Batina!
When do you guys start?
With eagerness
Dalia :)

Lubna said...

Well Dalia, you are such an avid follower and beader. As we spoke earlier today, lots of varied classes on the way. Will be posting the upcoming schedule that will resume after the holidays. Thanks for checking in!