Friday, October 9, 2009

Beading Wire: Soft Flex Comes Your Way

We have just received a major collection that both Bettina and I had been eagerly anticipating. If I told you it was a special wire used for making accessories and our adorned objects, you may say- what is all the fuss about. Well, this is an interesting type of wire, in that in some finishes and weights you can knot it and even crochet the wire to create structures. In addition, these beading wires can be used for heavy gemstones and large beads also.

Some of our projects and upcoming workshops will cover the versatility and variations of ideas that this material can give you. To the extent that event designers are using Soft Flex Beading Wire to embellish crystals and beads throughout their projects. Soft Flex Fine Beading Wire was introduced in our first workshop Bohemian Delight Earrings and Necklace set that is featured in the photograph.

The range is quite extensive and offers versatility in terms of affordability and what your final vision for your finished piece is. Six ranges in all beginning with Econoflex, Soft Touch, Extreme in precious metal finishes, Metallics, Original and Trios. Combined with the highest quality and dependable range of crimp beads and crimp covers.

In addition, LB o J'zazz seeks responsible companies that integrate environmental commitments in their manufacturing processes and approach. We are glad to say that Soft Flex is indeed the first wire manufacturer to go Green.

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