Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Classes & Kits Coming Your Way

We have been keenly concocting and brewing in our bead kitchen and have come up with some great beading recipes for this season!  Over six new classes are underway with each class introducing unique designs and freshly arrived products to further enhance your projects.  
Delicioso Beaded Bead Bracelet, Create Your Own Pendant, Viral Spiral Bracelet, Crystal Dance Choker and Earrings Extravaganza to name a few along with our popular classics such as Bohemian Delight Necklace and Earrings set along with our Peyote Cuff class.  

We will be posting the schedule for sign up in the days to come.  Bettina and I recommend you register and select your tools at the shop well in advance to secure your seat as they get booked very quickly.  


doubled said...

I thoroughly enjoyed all the classes be it the setting, the relaxed atmosphere the friendly smiles and meeting new people..and definitely the instruction. It was and still is, really hard to leave. So please book me for all of them :)... this is not a joke.
But I have a minor pet peeve, I would like some,serious wireworking classes "soon" I kinda feel marooned googling techniques asking my straw filled Spalding how it looks. Ok its not that bad coz I get an answer. But I would really benefit from a few pointers on making perfect jump rings, or oval ones.. square ones, Triangle ones,,etc... hammering, Cold Connections? doming a few findings? coiling gizmos? I would definitely sign up for it. So when ever you're ready :) I am there !

Lubna said...

All the kits, diagrammed instructions and the actual classes are developed and hand assembled by your duo of Bettina and Lubna. So, creating palettes, testing the instructions and assembling the kits is a detailed process. Albeit, the testing process for each class takes it's own pace. Wire work is a wonderful dimension in beading and will be introduced sytstematically.

Simon, Suné and Andrew said...

Hi ladies, I am interested in your classes and would like to know more about it. Please could you give me a run down of when the classes are and where they are held.

Lubna said...

In the beginning, the classes are project based and usually last several hours. Saturday mornings is usually when we offer the classes. Usually we work with up to 8 participants. Once students have mastered the techniques, we will be offering workshops that would run usually 2-3 days at an intermediate level. The next class is this coming Saturday morning and we will be posting all the details of this upcoming class and others on the blog. This week it will be in the Jabriya area.