Sunday, November 1, 2009

LB o J'zazz featured on Al Watan TV tonight at 9

After the economic meltdown of retail giants at global and local levels it is high time for people to realize the potential of the power of small businesses and buying handmade.  In this vein, LB o J'zazz will be featured on the popular program on Al Watan TV this evening called " Banat wu Bass".  
Although "Banat wu Bass" has an exclusionary feel to it in terms of their subject matter, for the mere fact that the managing partners of LB o J'zazz happen to be ladies, LB o J'zazz offers classes and workshops to women and men alike. 
We welcome your comments and feedback as we will also be seeing it for the first time tonight with viewers at 9 PM and there will be a rerun at 11 PM this evening also.  

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