Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just What Are Findings?

Upon looking at a finished object of beaded adornment, the beads tend to take center stage. However, Findings in themselves are a key component that enables you to achieve the desired effect when assembling and finishing pieces. As you peruse beading magazines and publications the word Findings pops up frequently. So, LB o J'zazz is introducing several key ranges of Findings. This will allow you to see the wide range of what this category consists of.
Findings are basic components that hold, house and showcase your work. Some examples such as Eye and Head Pins, Bead Caps, Links, Jumprings, Crimp Beads, Crimp Covers and Clasps starts the range and can get more elaborate and varied.

Findings can make or break a project literally and aesthetically.  When I first started making beaded and adorned objects it was hard to differentiate if something was shoddy and did not hold the work properly, until I became more exposed to the variety of qualities and the actual materials used.  Unfortunately this took place outside our local market in Kuwait and hence, LB o J'zazz came into fruition for that reason and a bunch of others! 
It also becomes more evident when you start making your own jewellry, so now, for those beaders and artisans when you go to the mall and or see other beaders work you can look at all the components and realize just how much time went into not only making the final piece but the quality of finishing and the actual Findings.
Soft Flex, Vintaj and Tierracast are three key lines that we are very proud to offer.  There are several criteria that we focus on when selecting who we source our products from:

  1. Quality and finishing of material
  2. Nickel and lead free 
  3. Reasonable pricing for the quality we offer you.  
  4. Environmental commitments from a manufacturing and managing of resources standpoint.                       

We will be introducing each range and items, how they are used and recommended applications in our upcoming posts.  If you have any questions please post them. 

Image:  Art Nouveau In Pink is an off-loom woven piece by co-founder of LB o J'zazz; Bettina Al-Bakhit.  The technique employed is Peyote Stitch and Fringing.  The clasp and crimp beads employed to secure the piece are considered Findings.

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