Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kashmiri Dreams Cuff Workshop (Rescheduled)

The long-awaited beading workshops are finally in the pipeline. Our 1st workshop/class for year 2010 will be focusing on the very therapeutic stitching technique called Peyote. And to make it even more interesting slight twists here and there have been added to embellish and enhance the learning experience and give you a more celebratory piece.

In this workshop the basic Peyote stitch we will be teaching is called the Two- drop. Almost identical to the regular Peyote stitch in technique but the end product comes out more vivid in its pattern. My design and color palette inspirations have been the very joyful, and uplifting Kashmiri art culture with all its vibrant energy and ever-enduring beauty.

I look forward to teaching this workshop along with my beading partner Lubna:
Date: Saturday January 23, 2010
Time: 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Only a few more seats remain. If anyone is interested in experiencing something different and walking out with a similar piece as what is seen in these photos, and made by "YOU", or just getting more information, you can visit us at our shop, or contact us via email at


Budour said...

Hey! Do you have a newletter or some kind of system to update customers?

I would like to join one of your workshops. Too bad I can't attend this upcoming one as I will be traveling. I'll be back by mid-February. Will you have anything by then?

Thank you.

Lubna said...

Budour, we will be posting a complete schedule on the blog shortly and you can either follow the blog and get automatic updates or we can email it to you.
Yes, we will have classes running up until May, some of the classes will be repeated so just give us a holler or pass by the shop sometimes.