Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A "Vintaj" Oasis

Sometimes you come across something that is so artistic and unique that you can not help but delve into it further. That was the case with the hand-made 100% brass metal findings, filigree, beads, charms and chains made by Vintaj. What caught my attention in particular were the artful filigree elements they offer. They can easily be bent, twisted, and twirled into breath-taking settings. Rich in color and almost identical to vintage brass, the fine detail etchings and raised-relief designs make this product range a piece of art in it own right.

You may ask, “Why brass?” Well, I would say for several reasons. From a usability standpoint, when polished, it can give you a gold-like appearance. It is a softer metal than most others and is relatively tarnish-free, hence making it ideal for decoration. In this respect, Brass elements can have many applications, such as in jewelry, in scrap-booking, in ceramic/pottery, in woodwork and so forth; imagination being the limitation. On a cost standpoint, Brass today is far more reasonable in price than the other metals more commonly used in jewelry making for instance, such as Silver and Gold. And on a manufacturing level, it is an easier metal to cast. And being a malleable metal makes it easier to form into a thin sheet by hammering for example. I can go on and on, but will spare you the essay-format for now.

My partner Lubna and I are proud to have Vintaj on board LB o J’zazz. Beside the fact that we love the intricate designs, environmental considerations were taken into account when selecting this product. And we are happy that the production process used is environmentally-friendly, and all items are both Nickel-Free and Lead-Free.

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ghadah alkandari said...

these are absolutely gorgeous. and i love the word 'filigree'.

tweedly dum,