Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Amal's Jasper Pendant

A few weeks back was my very dear friend Amal's birthday and we were planning to meet and celebrate this special time with her and her amazingly beautiful and talented family.  So, I decided to make her a pendant and then she could decide as to whether it would be part of a lariat, choker, bracelet or pin.  Setting the semiprecious stones ranging from fossils,Jaspers, Agates, Chrysoprase and Labrodorites to name a few on the work table and waiting for one of the stones to emerge from the group and say "pick me!"  Well, this beautiful stone seemed to shine amidst all the other stones that I have such a reverence for.

Beginning at 11 in the morning, the stone was prepared and lovingly embraced with small Delicas to encase and envelope this luscious Jasper stone.  By the late afternoon the piece was completed and ready to take with us.  Upon photographing the piece, the colors emerged in a very rich and subtle palette due to the special rings of the Jasper.  Amal decided that she wanted it to become a brooch.

At this point in time, it has become very hard to go and buy something for those dear friends and loved ones.  The caring attention to selecting, creating and finishing a piece has rewards that become magnified from the fulfillment of the creator and the satisfaction that the recipient gets when knowing that someone took the time, to stitch and create something for them with a few basic elements and items.  

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