Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kindred Spirits: "Empire Of The Sun" In Fermentation

I found this Vintage Button at a Bead Show a few years back and grabbed it immediately not really knowing how and when it would be utilized until the Kindred Spirits pieces began to unfold.  Again, the color palette in my mind was moving to a red palette however,  what it ended up being is completely different.  The shank of this button  was removed with the beautiful lady in her Kimono and fan  jumped out to me with "Empire Of The Sun" resonating in  my conciousness.

It was an exercise in color and form by limiting the palette and creating a focus on rhythm and movement.  The shape was also new to me in terms of how it would sit on the wearer.  This is how it looks at this stage, however, it has a bit to go until it completes itself. This will be part of a larger collection within the Kindred Spirits series. 

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