Friday, August 20, 2010

Beautiful Handmade Woven Boxes In Vibrant Hues By Ethnic Creations at LB o J'zazz

Last year during Ramadan, we had an overwhelming response from many visitors at the shop who saw the work of Debbie Justus.  This year, Debbie has recently established her offerings into Ethnic Creations and lovingly hand embellishes and decorates these handwoven baskets in some mouth-watering colors.
Her basket range is now available at LB o J'zazz exhibit at the Buqshat Turath.  Debbie also has added interesting hand bags that are hand woven pieces and that are embellished with hand crochet elements in some cases.

The gift boxes are gifts in themselves actually, and can be used with or without some goodies inside.  So, come by today or this coming Saturday and check out the eye candy.

Dates:  August 20-21 ( this Friday and Saturday)
Venue:  Mishref Fairgrounds Hall 5
             Booth 71
Time:  8:00 PM until Midnight

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