Thursday, August 12, 2010

Foundation Materials For Bead Embroidery

Some of you took our class called "The How Ya Doin?"  Ring that was a major introduction to bead embroidery, cabochon bezeling and embellishing.  The two main components that were necessary to create a polished and high level of finishing were:  Lacy's Stiff Stuff TM and Ultrasuede TM. We will provide an overview of the amazing qualities of Lacy's in addition to how Ultrasuede is an essential part of finishing and embellishing in the bead embroidery technique.

Lacy's Stiff Stuff TM comes in A4 size and has several qualities that make it a joy to work with.  It comes in white, however you can dye it with fabric dye to match the palette you are working with, so that the white does not come through the bead embroidery.  Doing that allows you to actually create a canvas that acts as a color filler in the background.  You can also use markers to fill an area for the same effect.  One sheet of Lacy's can go a long way, and all the leftovers and scraps can be used for smaller projects.  You can also draw a pattern or designs directly onto Lacy's after it has been dyed.  

What's great about this foundation medium is that it is stiff enough whereby, you do not require embroidery hoops and if you have to pull out beads after applying them, the material retains it's integrity and shape.  It also cuts very well and creates a smooth edge for finishing.
When adhering focal stones or cabochons it is very strong and retains it's shape particularly during the bezeling process when employing the backstitch.  Once the piece is completed on the foundation material of Lacy's it can even be glued to a brass base.  

The piece is then finished with UltrasuedeTM  whereby, the piece is cut out and creates a soft and plush backing and is sandwiched with a special back stitch technique employing beads. Ultrasuede is available in four colors:  Black, Tobacco, Silver Gray and Turquoise.  It too goes a long way and can be used for several projects. 

This is the end result, all of our class participants had approached this elaborate technique for the first time .  By using materials that work with you and are of the best quality allows you to invest time in pieces that will last and retain a high level of craftsmanship and artistry.  Both Lacy's Stiff Stuff, Ultrasuede and lots of beautiful artisanal glass cabochons are exclusively available for you at our LB o J'zazz shop in Shaab El Bahry. 
This is a Gary Wilson Semiprecious Stone: Lacy Jasper that was set on the foundation material and then bezeled one bead at a time in circular Peyote Stitch with vintage and Contemporary Seed  Beadsand Delicas.  Piece by Lubna Saif Abbas.Copyright Image 2010

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