Thursday, September 2, 2010

Meet & Bead Evening This Friday September 3

Some of our proud beaders finished piece shared with all

Join us for our second monthly get together of fellow beaders at our LB o J'zazz Workshops location.  You can spend time completing a project, starting a new one or sharing your creations with fellow beaders in a relaxed atmosphere.  This is a great chance to meet friends and get to make new acquaintances in a relaxed and comfortable setting.  We have added special task lamps and additional seating for this purpose.

Beaders at play

Both Bettina and Lubna will be available throughout to assist and provide any input and feedback on your beading projects.  You will also be able to preview and sign up for our new classes and upcoming events. We would love to see you and your work!

Hirokos' new pink crystal purse completed!

Date:  Friday September 3
Time:  8:00 PM- Midnight
Venue:  LB o J'zazz Workshop/Studio
Block 9 Street 6 House 13 Side Basement Entrance

If you need directions call us at 6676-7608 or 5555-7745.

1 comment:

Abeer Mounir said...

Hi Lubna, I am Abeer Mounir From Egypty and live here in Kuwait from 2005, I saw your show in Banat w Bas, you was so betty.

I like handmade works and when I was in Egypty I learned many courses with a great and kind lady.

before, I opened a project with someone but she was a thief, stole me.

and I worked sometimes with myself, mom was helped me in marketing, she have an familiar,experience and many relationships. worked in beads accessories, sewing, crochet, embroiedry, gold works Embroidery (Serma), lace, painting on glass, mirrors and fabric like silk. patchworks, quilt ...etc.

now I am working in a company as executive secretary but I had two high certificates one of them in Commerce accounting branch from ain shams univ. and the other one in law from Cairo univ. I am 38 years old.

so, I am so happy to see you kind self and know about your so so so so so so so wonderfull project because only the people who like arts can see this project is so so so wonderfull.

sorry for my weak english, and I hope that will be in a day may be cooperation together.

Beast Regards,

Abeer Mounir