Sunday, September 26, 2010

Upcoming Beading Classes September 28 - October 9

We would like to welcome you all back from Eid celebrations and hope that you are rested, well fed and ready to master some new projects that will surely challenge you, engage you and fulfill the need to bead!  Bettina and I got a chance to revamp some projects, bead some new ones and create new colorways.  Still, we need to guarantee seat availability, ample numbers of kits and times so you are kindly requested to pre-register at our Shaab El Bahry location in advance of the class. This is another reason why we are posting the classes ahead of time, so you can peruse and choose those of interest in addition to planning your own personal schedule with ease.

The first two classes were created and made by Bettina and the subsequent two classes are created and made by Lubna.

Arabesque Earrings
September 28 Tuesday

Technique:  Netting

Inspired by Arabesque designs and geometry, Bettina has come up with a circular design combining seed beads and crystals.  Bettina created this as she was exploring Islamic design and art from the Isfahani tiles during the Holy Month of Ramadan.  Once you master this new netting technique you can create and assemble more elaborate units as the variations and colorways unfold. 

Waterflowers Ndebele Bracelet
October 2 Saturday
9:30 AM-2:00 PM
Technique: Tubular Ndebele and Fringing 

This is our first introduction to Ndebele; the famous and resilient Zulu Stitch from South Africa. Bettina has created this delicate piece emulating the shimmery sense of Monet's water flower series. She will be employing color refracting Japanese Triangle beads along with our special Czech Spacers and Japanese drop beads.

Level: All levels

Mashrabiya Earrings
October 5 Tuesday
Time:  5:00PM- 7:00 PM
Technique:  Single Needle Right Angle Weave (RAW)

Inspired by the architecture of the Moors and the geometry of Mashrabiyas that are prevalent and celebrated across the Middle Eastern Region and Spain.  This earring set echoes a poignant reflection of the beauty of the objects of the craftsmen of the period.  This piece combines the rich softness of Czech Firepolished Crystals and Machine Cut Crystals in 3mm along with hand crafted Pressed Glass Daggers.

Mucha's Nouveau Bracelet In RAW*
October 9 Saturday
Time:  9:30 AM- 2:00 PM
Technique:  Single Needle Right Angle Weave (RAW)

Mucha was a pioneer and innovator who triggered the Art Nouveau Movement whilst designing a poster for the great Sarah Bernhardt in the 1800's.  Born in the Czech Republic his style created a romanticism of the feminine form in a garden like setting.   Mucha's stylization, form and use of colors inspired this bracelet. 
A simple yet innovative recipe to create a whimsical and floral style bracelet.  Five luscious garden colorways have been carefully concocted with 5mm and 4mm Czech Crystals.  Inspired by the Art Nouveau's approach to floral motifs you will learn the technique of RAW* (Right Angle Weave) and experiment with patterning and different effects of embellishing.

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