Saturday, October 1, 2011

Craft Talk, Ideation and Great NimNim Creations

I have to say, all of our Meet and Bead evenings are enjoyable, and whenever one is coming up the family knows well in advance that the first Friday of each month is solely dedicated to preparations during the day leading up as we welcome new faces, regulars and guests in to the LB o J'zazz Beading Zone for several hours sharing creations, ideas, talking about inspiration perhaps over a cup of tea, homemade lemonade or one of my homemade hearty soups.
However, our last gathering in September was even more special, in that many new visitors joined and really added new ideas, dimensions and gave insightful feedback upon seeing the various work of the group.  It makes one feel optimistic when you meet other like minded individuals who take pleasure in simply creating with their hands.  One of our new guests Amina when asked when she started working with paper and color she answered:" Ever since I could remember as a young child in grade school."  
Some of Amina's latest handmade cards
She provides a wide range of paper art solutions through her business called STELLA.  Her designs are vibrant and lively and she's really responsive to hearing requests and is opened to new ideas.  I was able to select from what she shared with us and can't wait to see what else she will be making in the future. 
We had several new faces grace the Zone, a master diver Tareq  who is creating his own visions and was keen on receiving design and form feedback along with sharing how he came about his concept and his passion for nature and diving. Along with those who just enjoyed the company of craft makers and the conversations that came along with it.
Here is some more beautifully handcrafted objects that were shared last night.  Reem Al Hajri of  excels and is delving in off loom weaving.  She seems to enjoy Dutch Spiral, Spiral Stitch, Ndebele, Brick Stitch and Peyote as can be seen in some samples of her work. I got two of the rings.  They look like insects getting ready to alight and float away.  I like how my  'Seen'  from the "28 Faces Of The Beloved Collection" by Fareed Abdal contrasts the shape of the ring.
Heather Collin Design Implemented by ARAM
Luscious pearls dance and play in Reem's Spiral Stitch Lariat
So much was going on and the highlight of the evening was when a few guests came a bit later and we started talking about what it meant and how do we actually feel when working with our hands and beading or crafting.  We delved in the historical aspects along with the therapeutic aspects that physiologically seem to change  and noticeably improve our state of well being.  Anytime, an idea came about, someone would find another interesting object to admire and wonder how and why it was made. So, as much as Nerissa enjoys wirework, re-purposing and Vintage Jewelry designing she also works on what she calls Canvas and what I call Affirmation Word Arts as she shared some of her visions and pieces.
Nerissa's Whimsical Pieces
So as we tend to our daily, weekly, monthly and annual To-Do Lists and life chores so to speak, take a step back for a second to discover so much of creative ideas and people that surround us and create feasts for our senses.

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Nerissa Alford said...

What a great post! That truly was a magical night. I am so lucky to have found a creative group of kindred spirits. Thank you for hosting us!
Looking forward to the next meet & bead :)