Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Friday October 7th Is Just Around The Corner; So Let's Just Meet & Bead

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Finally our evenings are a bit more pleasant.  Whenever the weather cools down it seems that our energy levels rise up a few notches.  More beading projects than usual, more purchases of a few more hanks and tubes of beads for the new pieces we are dreaming of creating of course!  Last Meet & Bead we had several newbies in our midst and it truly added to the ideas and inspiration pot so to speak. 
This Meet and Bead we will be introducing a special commissioned collection of pendants that both Bettina and I have been working on getting to you for the past few months.  This collection is such a treat and will define your work in a very special way.   
Reem Al Hajri | ARAM Jewelry Bangles In RAW*

This Friday we will be having our gathering, so bring your projects, if you feel like showing and telling that's fine too.  For those of you who are curious and would like to connect and learn more about handmade and may have never even seen a bead in action, welcome and feel free to bring along friends and guests. 

Date:  October 7, 2011
Time:  6:00PM- 9:30PM
Venue:  Jabriya Block 9 Street 6 House 13 (Side Basement Entrance)

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