Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An Evening Celebrating Iris and Our Passion for Beads

"Iris" made by Leah Fairbanks

 Last February 8 we had a wonderful evening with an introduction of Iris, who is part of the LB o J'zazz private collection of lampwork beads.  In addition, a journey that was  both a geographic and historic exploration of beads as Iris teleported and presented Lubna and Bettina's creations to the KTAA (Kuwait Textile Arts Association) and Bayt Al Sadu.

 S. Altaf introducing the LB o J'zazz duo
Photo by Leann Abdulraheem

 S. Altaf Salem Al Ali Al Sabah patron of Bayt Al Sadu  introduced the duo and highlighted the importance of crafts being maintained across different mediums.  The KTAA group had great questions and shared their commitment for how knowledge is transpired through crafts and people across time and place creating a rich language of symbolism and cultural literacy.

Photo by Leann Abdulraheem

In addition, S. Altaf announced a unique collaboration between Bayt Al Sadu and LB o J'zazz as we will be creating an exclusive line that celebrates, interprets traditional Sadu Weaving and is combined through beadwork and embellishments.  This line will be available through Bayt Al Sadu Gift Shop and Kuwait Airport in addition to other select locations.  More details of this exciting project will be coming your way.  The evening was engaging and both Bettina and I enjoyed sharing our stories and passion for beads and would like to thank S. Altaf Salem Al Ali Al Sabah for her initiatives and support, the wonderful powerhouse ladies of the KTAA and the amazing Sadu Weavers who started it all. 

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