Monday, March 7, 2011

Decopatch Paper to the Rescue

My salvaged pots

How often do you come across an obstacle and find that 'paper' is the solution?  Not just any paper but paper that has been responsibily harvested, deep dyed, glazed and is both resilient and beautiful?  In my case it is often, at different times, different locations but in one particular case on similar objects- Pots.

Relocating from apartment to apartment or country to country, things tend to get damaged enroute or  items left in storage for some time tend to loose their luster and appeal.  And if you tend to get 'attached' to certain objects as I do then it can be difficult to convince yourself to get rid of them.  This was my little delimma with my flower pots. 

A hint of what the exterior of this pot looked like before Decopatch treatment

After being handled with 'little' care, my flower pots got scratched and  were transformed into an eye sore.  Still, I was unable to throw them away.  Years later, I fortunately came by a paper, Decopatch paper, and was able to salvage and reuse what was soon-to-be garbage into a piece of art!

One-of-a-kind Pots

No artistic skills needed, no training, no planning.  Simply, a brush, glue, paper and will.

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