Friday, March 25, 2011

Two Good Reasons Why We Will Not Be Offering A Class This Saturday March 26

Living and working in Jabriya has always been great.  Since, for several years heading to the office meant simply opening a door where I resided and walking down a few steps and that was all the transportation and time it took.  It was such a liberating and effective mode of living and working.  
Beading in our office. Photo by Laura Boushnak

Now, after marriage, luckily my new abode is just a few houses down and on a good day, walking is my mode of travel.  Unfortunately, Bettina does not have that luxury except for beading and getting to our beautiful little lamp working glass studio whenever she feels like it which is also located in her domicile.  However, in the past few weeks just getting out of my house was like being in a ship, our side street garden was sawed off at right angles and we had a gangplank that would precariously take you over a three meter deep ditch and onto the mercilessly ripped up road, street or something that resembled a road once in recent memory.  I have to say that whoever the contractor is they spent a lot of money on access and safety so this must be a hefty contract. 
Back to the reasons why we will not be offering a class this Saturday, the first reason is that we have this crane that has taken our house and office hostage as you can see below. 
This is what  greeted me this morning and a few gangplanks providing various access ways.  It looks like we are under siege or protection who knows? 
View from outside LB o J'zazz office

In addition, preparations are underway for our Earth Hour 60+ Party at our  LB o J'zazz store location which is to take place on the same day. 
So, we'd love to see you this Saturday at LB o J'zazz in Shaab el Bahry and hopefully by our next class and our upcoming Meet & Bead in April the crane will have moseyed along and  taken someone else's street by surprise. 

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