Saturday, May 7, 2011

Artists' Block Bye Bye

A term I am not certain I have ever come across before other than in the literary world, but "artists' block" or "creativity block" was something I encountered over the last few months.  But I am happy to say that I found my "cure" in Italy.  Bye bye and hello Italy.

Todays' class was the first class inspired by that journey and it holds tribute to the absolutely phenomenal physical and spiritual beauty I absorbed in Tuscany (Toscana-Italian version).  And luckily I was able to share some of that energy with the amazingly brave students who attended this mornings Toscana Dutch Spiral Earring class.

Photographs will do more justice than my words.  So here you go...

6:30 am Tuscan Morning. No camera lense filter. No Photoshop. Just plain, raw, real Toscana beauty

A view my eyes saw and my brain attempted to process while we hovered in a hot air balloon 2130 feet above with Stephano from
Birds-eye view of breath-taking Toscana

Students today eagerly finished a major portion of the class and showed off their hard work.

Here are special moments caputered by Mr. Sony:

Sameera and Mariam in full concentration

Madhawi proudly finishes the body of the 1st earring and begins the next

A special blue color way just for Mariam. Her completed earring.

Creative Sameera brilliantly displays some finished earrings on my special yellow rose

Madhawi proudly walks out with her finished earring

Need I say more?  So hello and halla wallah.. E6aliya!

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all of u so cute, and angels