Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Off Loom Weaving Class: Rococo Cuff In Two Drop Peyote

We can never get enough of Peyote!  This coming Saturday we will be offering a class that is based on a cuff that I made over five years ago.  It is a staple item in my layering of beaded adornment and never stop receiving compliments and endless requests to offer it as a class.  So, the design has been modified and will have some added twists and new details.  
This piece was made over 5 years back and is the inspiration of the class
The main body of the Rococo Cuff is in two-drop Peyote and will create a fabric like feel once you wear it.  The project consists of five main elements beginning with the two-drop Peyote and then working off the base into Ndebele stitch and then on to a new technique of fringing. 
The new detailing in this piece will be that you will be creating your own beaded toggle and circular clasp all in Peyote.  So the piece will have an organic flow and allows you to create your own findings just in case you don't have the right closure you will be able to bead your own. In addition the floral element was removed to create a bolder finishing.  The kit will come in several delectable colorways to select from and is an excellent starting point to embellishing. I will post the new design by tomorrow as a preview.

Date:  Saturday May 14 
Time:  9:30 AM- 1:30 PM
Technique:  Two-Drop Peyote / Ndebele/ Fringing / Circular and Flat Peyote
Level:  Advanced Beginners* ( it is preferable that you are comfortable working in flat peyote)

For more information on class details, materials list and class fees just send us an email at  You can register at the shop by this Thursday evening while you join us for Venetian Nights. 

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