Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Workshop: Toscana Dutch Spiral Earrings this Saturday

New to our workshop series is a beautiful beading technique that opens your creative sphere into a whole undiscovered realm.  LB o J'zazz is happy to introduce the Dutch Spiral.  I must admit that although it can be challenging, the end results are just majestic.  What makes this such a unique technique is how the repetitive movement naturally forces a 'spiraling' form to take shape as though the 'twist' is forced and yet the follow is graceful.  Endless possibilities of applying different sizes and shapes of beads into this one technique allows you to enjoy an entirely fascinating new look in addition to opening up fresh opportunities.

Also to compliment "Toscana Dutch Spiral Earrings" workshop, we will also be showing you what you can do when you just can not get to a store to get the basic earring hook you need to complete your home project.  So a little stitching and a little wirework will be on the table this weekend.

Workshop:      Toscana Dutch Spiral Earrings
Date:               Saturday May 7, 2011
Venue:             Jabriyah, Block 9, Street 6 (Side basement entrance)
Time:               9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Level:              Advanced Beginner
Prerequisite:    Peyote Stitch
                     (NOTE:  It is preferrable those who choose to attend are familiar with the Peyote stitch).

Because we will be doing a little wirework, you will need to bring the following tools:

1.  Round Nose Plier
2.  Chain Nose and/or Flat Nose Plier
3.  Wire Cutters or Flush Cutters

As classes are growing, pre-Registration at our  LB o J'zazz shop in Shaab Al-Bahry is recommended.  You may either drop a comment here, email us at info@lbojzazz.com or call our shop at 22610686 and speak to Chaminda and he will gladly assit you. 

(The dress code is Casual and comfortable and drinks and light snacks will be offered)

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