Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Joys Of Teaching 101

This past Saturday we got the chance to teach the Luscious Lariat for a second time this season, and it's amazing to see how this piece evolves and became a medium for self expression.  We had five colorways and the freedom to add and embellish at will.
Starting the Spiral Stitch | Photo by Maryam Al Rashed

My working sample during the class- Murano Disc Bead | Photo by Maryam Al Rashed

What was also interesting when I pulled my latest purchases from the Venetian Night collection and spontaneously incorporated it in the tassles and focal point on one side of the lariat.  This is definitely a class that can be modified and redefined and will be offered in different modulations.  Will be posting the finished Luscious Lariats as soon as the samples are completed.

Maryam's take she grabbed some beads from another stash

The best part of teaching is getting to see the sense of accomplishment and more importantly fulfillment that our students express.  They leave light and smiling despite the long hours of demos, practicing and learning that they go through on beginning early on a Saturday morning. 

Ebraheem said he would redesign the Lariat so.... | Photo by Maryam Al Rashed

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