Monday, June 6, 2011

The Why Behind LB o J'zazz: Spotlight Segment On Al Watan

A few weeks back, one of our followers Fessal Rajab who has been keeping a keen eye on most of the images we publish of our off loom weaving and other work, contacted us to do a ten minute feature for a program he worked on called Spotlight on Al Watan TV.  So, we agreed to set the date and time that they would interview both Bettina and I whilst working in our workshop studio. 
Initially, we were going to focus on the craft in terms of process, however thanks to our answers and the dialogue the approach quickly shifted to the 'why' of it so to speak.  Bettina in her first published interview in Arabic turned the whole segment around with her refreshing honesty and authentic take on why we as human beings take the plunge to move away from the contemporary trappings of a career and what societies and people expect from us. 
We had over thirty people in our workspace, lighting specialists, Nouf Al Modhayan the presenter, Fessal, the director, producers and what not.  Thanks to the Al Watan Team for the pre and post production. 
I leave the rest to you the viewer.  Apologies for those who do not speak Arabic as there are no subtitles.

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