Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Off Loom and Stringing Fusion: Dancing Crystals Choker Class This Saturday July 2

RAW* and Stringing with Soft Flex Metallics | Photo by Bettina Al Bakhit
Our original design has been revisited and recreated for a new take on one of our most popular classes.  The concept came about when I was recuperating and bedridden for two weeks back in 2006.  The idea of creating a melodic dancing sequence of crystals with the use of beading wire and off loom weaving.  As the crystals jump off their lines they sparkle and play along the neckline.  I wanted to create a piece that would drape and enhance the collarbone area differently on each wearer.   
In this interpretation, the base is created in RAW* (Right Angle Weave) whereby it naturally curves along the neck due to the various sizes employed.  It has a creature like feel and sometimes also reminded me of the cantilevers and structures of the huge wires suspended from bridges.  Employing our Soft Flex Metallics Beading Wire to suspend the crystals in an airy and playful manner. Each time the piece is made it is never like any of the other Dancing Crystals.

Detail with Czech Bicone Crystals | Photo by Bettina Al Bakhit
 Learn how to merge and combine two distinct applications of Off Loom Weaving and Stringing.  This class is an excellent pre-requisite for those wanting to perfect the Right Angle Weave.  In addition, a new application to create the closure will be presented.   

Date:  Saturday July 2
Time:  9:30 AM- 1:30 PM
Venue: Jabriya Block 9 Street 6 House 13 (Side Basement Entrance)
Technique:   RAW* (Right Angle Weave)  and Stringing
Level:  Advanced Beginners
Instructor:   Lubna Saif Abbas with the support of Bettina Al-Bakhit

For more information on class details, materials required and class fees you can send us an email at info@lbojzazz or call us at 2261-0686.  We recommend you Pre-register at the shop as there will be a limited number of kits. 

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