Saturday, July 2, 2011

Just Like The Good Ole Days

Ebraheem checking out Crystals | Masouma and Murano beads
It's such a surprise when you realize just how much time has passed since Bettina and I first opened our doors of our little gem of our LB o J'zazz shop.  For the first year and a half we manned the store exclusively every day five days a week mornings and afternoons.  Dusting, dusting, dusting and then more dusting of crystals, beads, fixtures and displays, merchandising, pricing and promoting. Moving stock, tagging, labeling and inventory management. More importantly,  the  welcoming of people into our abode and servicing them LB o J'zazz style was all required in a day at LB o J'zazz | Shaab el Bahry.  It was hard work but extremely fulfilling and rewarding.
Peonies and Yellow amidst Venice, Burano and Murano | Venetian Night

So, in lieu of Chaminda being on leave for the next two weeks we will be at the shop beginning this Sunday, July 3rd.  We will be alternating our days, beginning with myself being there first thing in the morning.  If we run a class on Saturdays then we will have the shop closed for that day and will let you know accordingly.  At this rate, I hope that Bettina and I get a chance to see each other!
Delectable Decopatch papers too!

In any case, for those of you who would like to see us at the shop more often will be able to do so for this two week run.  We also will be rolling some goodies this week and will keep you posted.  If you need anything just call us at 2261-0686.  Happy Beading and Decopatching.

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