Saturday, July 23, 2011

Meditative Beading Ramadan 2011

In lieu of my upcoming geographical break away, there are two projects in particular that warrant advance scheduling for classes.  These two projects are in fact some of my favorites.  The first one will be a brand new class in Bead Embroidery and the second class will be the rescheduled Dancing Crystals Choker II.  They are quite different in feel and concept.
You will have ample time to pre-register and select your kits and will post the dates for when each respective class colorways will be ready for you to see at the shop with Chaminda. The specific morning timings for classes during Ramadan will be finalized in the coming days so Bettina and I will update you immediately on the details.

Saturday August 20
Vintage Au Provence Earrings

Bead embroidery and Fringe Mania

Inspired by the country style cabochons from our Master Bead Maker Jindrich, these earrings capture the feeling of the provincial countryside with a contemporary twist of interpretations. In vibrant palettes that evoke the seasons of spring and summer creating a play of verdant greens, luscious pinks and plums.   This is the next step in Bead Embroidery as you will learn how to connect separate elements.  In addition, special attention will be given to learning how to create beautiful fringing off embroidered objects thus becoming a focal part of the piece.

Technique:  Bead Embroidery / Fringing -Embellishing
Level:  Advanced Beginners

Saturday August 27
Dancing Crystals Choker II

Over 120 Czech Crystals dance off the RAW base

This is the evolution of a series of chokers originally created in 2005 whilst bedridden for two weeks.  The idea of musical sheets, and crystals dancing off the scales along with my life long fascination with insects and spider webs; this choker has come a long way.  The new structure  that I have been working on in the past few months incorporates a special patterning in Right Angle Weave and is fused with stringing with our Czech Bicones ranging from 3mm to 6mm.  It drapes and frames the collarbone dramatically yet differently on each wearer.  Truly an extravaganza of crystals that play off the base in an arresting manner.

Technique:  RAW* (Right Angle Weave) / Stringing
Level:  Intermediate  (Ideally you should be proficient in RAW/ or have taken two classes from Moorish  Mashrabiya Earrings, Mucha's Flowers Bracelet or Gujurati Kholkhaal class with us at LB o J'zazz).
If you have any questions you can contact us either here on the blog or at  Will also be keeping you posted on my nomadic wanderings.  Namaste and Happy Beading !

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